Thursday, March 11, 2010

Naturally Nutritional - Sunflower Seeds!

I love the tasty, handmade *goodness* of EcoDog organic and natural pet treats!

Their {Classic Crunch} treats feature high-quality, fresh ingredients including: unbleached / US grown whole wheat flour, free range eggs, locally produced honey, natural flax seeds and sunflower seeds!

Classic Crunch treats give that satisfying *crunch* without falling apart in your owners pocket!

My owner loves to feed me EcoDog treats because you can trust the quality and taste the rich, fresh ingredients! I always come running when I smell an EcoDog treat, fresh from the jar!! :)
Sunflower seeds pack all sorts of nutritional goodness inside of a tiny kernel! EcoDog recently featured a blog of all the great health benefits of Sunflower Seeds! Visit the full EcoDog blog for more details of this vitamin-rich ingredient!

To view the full, tasty selection of EcoDog treats - shop Online 24/7 at

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