Monday, March 1, 2010

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dog Towel

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Whether its after a bath, coming inside from the rain or drying off after a dip in the river-a towel can often come in handy when you own a day! It's great to have eco-friendly options down to the little thins & towels are no exception!

Primrose Pup makes a package with a luxurious & durable pet towel with an eco-friendly fiber - bamboo! Bamboo is soft, absorbant & hypoallergenic. The towels are 100% re-usable, washable & about 4x as absorbant as cotton!

This fun package includes a drying towel, "pup powder", & jeweled dog charm. *The blue set matches my eyes! :) How cute! I wonder if it's as soft as me...?

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