Saturday, April 17, 2010

Minty Fresh Funny Bone Dog Toy by Orbee

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Another great toy by the eco-friendly, Orbee!

This RecycleBone dog toy is eco-safe for a few reasons:
*Non-toxic / lead-free
*Made in USA
*Available in sizes XS (3 1/2") to L (8")
*Available in several colors!

Personally, my favorite color is green and I'm crossing my paws in hopes for one of these toys to add to my collection! :) I have always been a fan of Orbee toys because not only are they eco-friendly but also tough and durable for a teeth-pup, or a big dog playin rough! This toy is built to last!

Thanks again, Orbee, for continuing to promote eco-friendly products for our important, furry friends! Continue the "trend" of eco-safe products and pretty soon, it will become the norm.!

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